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NEW INFO Updated March 29

Volunteer Needed
The NHS Library needs a volunteer for 30 minutes on Tues, Wed and Friday to allow Ms. Fabin to have a lunch break. Can you help? If so, email karrisafabin@northampton-k12.us

Tea & Coffee Donations
Tea and Kurigg donations gratefully accepted. Thanks to our Librarian Karrisa, a tea cart has been set-up for our student’s enjoyment and opportunity to unwind. Label and drop off donations in the main office.
We use (in order of most needed)
-Hot Cocoa (packets, cans, K-cups anything) Very popular
-Powdered creamer or creamer cups (preferably flavored)
-Tea (in bags preferably or K-cups)
-Coffee (K-cups or anything I have refillable K-cups)
-Snacks that don’t need refrigeration (fruit has been very popular)
Especially on days when students have an HCC class late or a practice or other after-school event the library has been a very popular spot for a “recharge”

Return OVERDUE Library Books Now
I need to inventory the library soon. This involves counting ALL the books! To do this I need all of you to return the books you have that belong to the library that are overdue or you are not currently using. If you have lost a book come see me! (or if you are not sure)

Other Donations
We also really like games & puzzles that are in great shape and not missing pieces!
Lysol or Clorox wipes

New Neat Stuff!!
Ever wonder where all the new things came from you see in the library?
Ms. Fabin uses www.donorschoose.org (just search for Fabin)

The library has a few projects up that the community can support and donate to. Many of them are “matching offers” that will be matched by a company like Google or a private donor. This is how Ms. Fabin has obtained many of the neat new things in the library.

Ms. Fabin also writes to businesses in the community who donate products and gift certificates that she can use as reading incentives and fun prizes for awesome projects.

There is a “Thank You board” in the library that she keeps up to date with names of people and places that have donated to our lovely little library. If you or you students would ever like to express your gratitude please stop by and make a Thank You note or drop off a picture or just admire the amazing, inspiring and generous community we have!

and again ๐Ÿ’žTHANK YOU ๐Ÿ’ž for helping to make the library so fun and inviting!


Ms. Fabin’sย www.donorschoose.org page