NCTV-Media Production Grants

This is the 4th year that Northampton Community Television has run its Media Production Grants program, which launched yesterday.

Information can be found at

This year an all new grant opportunity is provided in the amount of up to $1000 for a community member to run a one week summer program in multimedia for youth at NCTV. We have much of the resources including space and equipment to run the program already on-site.

Included again is our annual grant of up to $2000 in support of the production of a youth short film.The last three years have produced content of exceptional quality that we have been so very proud to support.

We would encourage the dissemination of these opportunities for youth and youth instructors throughout the community. In addition, there are grants available to the general public, including Northampton youth, for the production of a short film (up to $2000), the creation of a Interactive/VR experience (up to $2000) and the creation of a Community Art piece with a multimedia component (up to $1000).

Thank you much. Feel free to contact Al Williams at with any questions.